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Gourmet Cakes
Assorted Cheesecake - $1.99 per person
creamy New York style plain cheesecake with a graham cracker crust
Carrot Cake - $3.49 per person
three extravagant layers of mouth watering cake with shredded carrots, pecan pieces and crushed pineapple, filled and iced with a pure cream cheese frosting
Grand Finale Chocolate Cake - $3.49 per person
four layers of chocolate cake filled and iced with a rich chocolate ganache garnished with almond pieces.

Sheet Cakes
Oranges & Cream Shortcake - $1.95 per person
fresh whipped cream, tangy sun-kissed oranges and feather-weight shortcake
Tuxedo Truffle Mousse - $2.25 per person
a black-tie of pure extravagant layered white and dark chocolate decadence
Strawberry Shortcake - $1.95 per person
fresh whipped cream, strawberries and a feather-weight shortcake
White Chocolate Raspberry Shortcake -$1.95 per person
fresh whipped cream, delicious raspberries with white chocolate shavings and feather-weight shortcake
Lemon & Cream Shortcake - $1.95 per person
fresh whipped cream, zesty lemon and feather-weight shortcake

$16.99                      Cherry, Blueberry, Red Raspberry, Peach 
$18.99                      Peach Praline
$12.99                      Apple Walnut
$11.49                      Apple, Pumpkin (during holiday months)

   Cookie Platter                                   Fruit Platter
A beautiful array of homemade            fresh fruit cut and displayed uniquely 
  cookies displayed on a platter                    on a platter - a true work of art!
  serves 10 - 15: $18.99                         serves 10 - 15: $31.99
  serves 16 - 20: $27.99                         serves 16 - 20: $43.99
  serves 21 - 25: $39.99                         serves 21 - 25: $61.99