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Individual Items
Stuffed Cabbage - $2.15/person
cabbage stuffed with ground chuck and rice smothered in a red sauce
Meatballs - $3.49/person
made with fresh herbs and cheeses served with a homemade marinara sauce
Slow-Roasted Beef - $9.95 lb
roast beef served with au jus
Beef Kabobs - $5.50/person
marinated beef with fresh vegetables partially char-grilled to finish on the grill
Rolled Flank Steak - $6.99/person
flank steak rolled with caramelized onion and Asiago cheese, spinach and asparagus
London Broil - $6.99/person
seared flank steak topped with portabella mushrooms and red peppers

Pork Tenderloin - $4.49/person
seared pork tenderloin with a caramelized onion and fennel in a balsamic reduction
Boneless Baked Ham - $3.49/person
ham topped with pineapple and a spiced brown sugar glaze

Sicilian Style Salmon - $6.99/person
freshwater salmon with artichokes, Roma tomatoes and capers
Sesame-Crusted Salmon - $6.99/person
salmon topped with sesame seeds, broccoli florets and snow peas
Fried Pollock - $4.29/person 
breaded cod garnished with lemon wedges
Dinner Entrees
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Chicken Romano - $4.49/person
the Chef's specialty - Romano cheese coated chicken breast
Oriental Chicken - $3.99/person
topped with a ginger hoisin glaze and sesame seed accompanied by broccoli
Chicken Marsala - $3.99/person
pan seared chicken breast topped with portabella and bell mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce
Chicken Saltimbocca - $3.99/person
stuffed chicken breast with Bavarian smoked ham and Havarti cheese topped with Roma tomatoes and fresh basil
Chicken Parmesana - $3.99/person
topped with provolone and Parmesan cheese and homemade marinara sauce
The Harvest Chicken Breast - $3.99/person
topped with artichokes, fresh tomatoes, spinach, Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs
Lemon Chicken - $3.99/person
topped with lemon zest, steamed green beans and toasted almonds in a herb demi-glaze
Gourmet Chicken Cutlet - $3.49/person
breaded chicken breast seasoned with Italian parsley, garlic and Romano cheese
Fried Chicken - $2.99/person
breaded legs and thighs, seasoned with Italian parsley, garlic and Romano cheese

Whole Turkey - $4.99 lb
roasted turkey seasoned with thyme, sage, kosher salt and pepper
Roasted Turkey Breast - $6.59 lb
boneless seasoned turkey breast slow roasted to perfection.